Funding Information

TPPA receives funds from a variety of sources. Contributions from members in the form of annual membership dues and donations, sponsorship donations from area businesses, grants from NHDES and MEDEP as well as contributions from the towns of Milton, NH and Lebanon, ME. These funds are used for annual operations such as boat inspections, technology fees, supplies and mailings and educational programs. The greatest cost incurred each year for the past six years has been related to hiring contractors to help control and eradicate European Naiad, an invasive annual plant that is present in the Ponds. Last year this effort cost approximately $55,000 and is projected to cost nearly $80,000 this summer.

If you are inclined to offer financial support you can purchase a membership, become a sponsor or make a donation.

TPPA has also opened an online store with Milton Three Ponds logo casual wear (hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc). Any funds raised through the store will go towards supporting TPPA’s mission of keeping improving the water-quality and keeping the surrounding watershed clean for all to enjoy.