What Can You Do?

10 Things you can do to protect Milton Three Ponds

  1. To minimize the transfer of invasive plants and animals from one lake to the next, I will wash, drain and dry my boat between water bodies.
  2. While boating, I will not stir up sediment in shallow areas.  I will use wave runners and high-power engines in a responsible manner to prevent shoreline erosion and protect loon nests.  I will learn where the shallow areas on each Pond are and avoid them at high speed.  Visit our website for maps of the shallow areas/EN identified areas.
  3. I will not put lawn clippings, trash or other foreign materials into the ponds.  Milton residents can bring yard waste to Barron Brothers, 372 NH-11, Farmington, NH and Lebanon residents can utilize the Lebanon Solid Waste Facility.
  4. I will avoid harmful fertilizers on lakeshore properties.  Nutrient run-off into the ponds can cause dangerous cyanobacteria blooms that interfere with swimming and can harm people and pets. Please visit these informative websites for more information.  Visit Lawn Care within the Protected Shoreland and Please Don’t Fertilize Our Lakes!
  5.  I will pump and maintain my septic system regularly.  When was the last time your septic system was inspected? There are many reputable, local companies, who can assist with this important property maintenance task.  A good maintenance schedule can help to prevent costly issues in the future, for you and the Ponds.  Cyanobacteria blooms can result from septic leakage.
  6. I will improve my waterfront to reduce runoff.  TPPA conducted watershed surveys in 2009-2011 which identified properties that could use some improvements to alleviate run-off. If you would like to know the recommendations for your property, please reach out via the TPPA website, click here and we will get in touch with you. TPPA offers $1,000 matching grants to help mitigate cost for waterfront improvements. Most of the recommendations were low to medium cost ($500 – $2500 – in 2011). Information about the TPPA grant program is available here
  7. The Ponds aren’t a bathroom. I will always use the toilet and soaps in the house.  I will use water wisely, spreading out heavy water use appliances
  8. I will park in paved spaces or limited areas, so that water can be absorbed and filtered into the ground. I will educate myself about using ice melt, which is harmful to our Ponds.  Please visit: Environmentally Friendly Ice Melter Options
  9. I will maintain my vehicles and watercraft…so oil, gas and cleaners stay out the Ponds.  I will properly dispose of hazardous wastes and medicines (don’t flush!).
  10. I will be aware of how I can make a difference in preserving the water quality of the Ponds and enjoy the beauty and serenity of this lovely area.