What Can You Do?

There is much that you can do to help protect the Ponds. You can begin by learning about and following best practices for lake living. These include using “best practices” in your yard and around your house. Limit, or even eliminate the use of fertilizer, follow DES recommendations for shore-land improvements, participate in boat inspections and consider the following ten point pledge.

10 Things you can do the protect Milton Three Ponds

1.)  I will wash and dry my boat between water bodies.

2.)  I will not put lawn clippings, trash or other foreign materials into the ponds.

3.)  I will avoid harmful fertilizers on lakeshore properties. 

4.)  I’ll use the toilet and soaps in the house, the pond isn’t a bathroom!

5.)  I’ll maintain and pump my septic system.

6.)  I’ll plant to reduce runoff.

7.)  I’ll reduce parking areas to paved spaces or limited areas, so that water can be absorbed and filtered into the ground.

8.)  I’ll maintain my vehicles and watercraft…so oil and gas and cleaners stay out the ponds.

9.)  I will properly dispose of hazardous wastes and medicines (don’t flush!).

10.)  I’ll use water wisely, spreading out heavy water use appliances!